• Two vice world championships thanks to Papouchka and Na Colt 
  • Over 80 important titles of international championship
  • 6 titles of  french championship or vice championship, without taking into account horses who originated from Gargassan
  • Some evaluation records concerning movements with maximal rates


Some of the best studs in France have Gargassans in their bases..



Na Colt
Na Colt

Ekla de Gargassan 1992-2010

(Neral x Na Copala), sold to Avalon Stud

  • Best in Show Montauban 1992 (as foal)
  • Best foal Bordeaux 1992
  • Junior Champion Toulouse 1993
  • Junior res. Champion Avignon 1993
  • Junior res. National Champion of France 1993 and 1994
  • Junior res. Champion All Nations Cup Aachen 1994 (Germany)
  • Junior Champion Gerone 1994 (Spain)
  • Junior Champion Grosseto 1994 (Italy)
  • Top Ten World-Championship 1994
  • Senior Champion Toulouse 1999
  • Senior res. Champion of France Pompadour 2002 --> video

Raswan de Gargassan 2005

(Vladimir de Falgas x Must de Gargassan), presented by Loic Boulay in Menton 2015

  • Bronze Medal Senior Stallion Menton 2015
  • Bronze Medal Senior Stallion Vichy 2015
  • Senior Champion Deauville 2015
  • Best Movement Male Award Deauville 2015
  • Trophy Pegaze Menton 2016

Sheyk de Gargassan 2006

(Perfect de Lafon x Emira de Gargassan), presented by Loic Boulay, sold to Padirac Arabians

  • Top Ten World-Championship 2010
  • Top Ten European Championship 2010
  • Best French Horse Menton 2010
  • Gold Medal Albi 2012
  • 2013 Qualification to 90km endurance
  • French National Champion 2014
  • Trophy of best movement
  • Top Ten European Championship 2014
  • (4x 20 points in movement)
  • Best French male at World-Championship 2014
  • 2015 1st 90km in Bàscara 



Azziz de Gargassan

Azziz de Gargassan was born in 1988 as our very first arabian horse foal out of Durra, a german broodmare we bought at famous Weil-Marbach and sired by Warandes Pascha. 

With only 3 years he won the national championship in Pompadour and got sold to the french national stud. Till 2012 he used to be one of the most demanded stallions for Endurance in France. 

All in all he got around 625 foals! He died in 2017 on the stud "élévage milin riant".

I am very proud of the distinction of Azziz de Gargassan to an elite stallion in endurance. It is an honour for me to share this title with royal Sadepers, Djin Lotois, Persicko and Melfik d'Alauze. I am very happy about the small part that Gargassan plays in French breeding and that we can contribute to the breeding success of France, but I do not want to forget that this is mainly possible thanks to the breeders who use Azziz as a stud and the riders who participate with his offspring in equestrian sports, thus showing the qualities of his genes. I would especially like to thank Ludovic Saroul, who trained the first foals of Azziz and won the first prizes, and the stud 'Milin Riant', which gave him a great retirement. 

Lemir de Gargassan

Lemir was born in 1999. His sire is Ali Mabrouk (Ali Zafir x Bint Mabrouk by Mabrouk), a stallion of Egyptian origin, born in the USA in 1990 and died in 2008 at our stud due to cancer. We bought Ali Mabrouk in 1996 mainly because of his perfect appearance, he was not without faults, but he was complementary to our other two stallions NA Colt and Vladimir de Falgas.


Lemir's dam, Emira de Gargassan, was born at the stud in 1992. She is also the dam of Sheyk, Vizir and Roumba de Gargassan.  The sire of Emira, NA Colt (Warandes Plakat x Hamira), was born in Belgium in 1986. He was our first stallion and became Vice World Champion at the age of only two years. His strong points: bone structure and conformation but above all a movement which is a typical characteristic of Gargassan today. His son, Cérès de Lafon is the basic stallion of the stud "l'élevage d'endurance de Suleiman", which is specialized in endurance horses. NA Colt was of Russian and Hungarian descent (Babolna, cradle of Shagya). In 2010 he died with at the age of 30 years.


 The dam of Emira, Durra (Saher x Hamdi by Halef), was born in Germany in 1974 at the National Stud Marbach. She was one of the three foundation mares of Gargassan. She is also the dam of Azziz de Gargassan, our very first foal.


Nicolas Ballarin & Lemir de Gargassan (2007-2016)

  • 4058km distance of recognized races
  • 37 participations
  • 35 Placements
  • 13 CEI*** competitions and 160km at the World Equestrian Games Sartilly
  • 14 podium places, thereof 7 at CEI*** and four times 4th place at CEI***
  • 4 times Montcuq: 13th place in 2009, 47th in 2011, 2nd place in 2012 and 2013
  • 4 times Florac: 8th place in 2009 at 130km and at 160km: 6th place in 2010, 2nd place in 2013 and 4th in 2015
  • 2014 Best European endurance horse
  • 2014 in France elected to the 'horse of the year'
  • 1 silver medal at the 2014 World Equestrian Games    


Other endurance horses of our breed are Tooyou, Jazzy, Nanty, Iff... de Gargassan,

as well as Ratoon de Gargassan and Tonik de Gargassan, members of the endurance team of Monaco,

Roman de Gargassan (Rajas) won the presticious H.H.Sh.Mohammed Al Maktoum Endurance Cup 2017.


2019 Florac CEI** 3rd place Wasaby de Gargassan and Anais Noailles

2018 Florac CEI** 15th place Wasaby de Gargassan and Anais Noailles

2018 Florac 160km 3rd place Tooyou de Gargassan and Nicolas Ballarin (for Tooyou the first 160km!)


 2019 Henry-David Guedj and Tonik de Gargassan reach the finish line in Compiègne after 160km in second postition, and thus occupy 8th place in the world rankings in endurance sport!


Since our early beginnings, some of our horses have been able to achieve success on the racetrack. Especially the offspring of our basic mare Nefretete (Pentagon x Nephras by Neptune) has shown great talent:


Clip de Gargassan (Cheri Bibi), Easy de Gargassan (Dormane) and Harry de Gargassan (Tidjani) have all been sold to the United Arab Emirates.


Some horses of our Domaine were also successful in other disciplines we did not expect.

For example the US-american stud "de Boise" have chosen three Gargassans as their base: King, Keen and Lorka de Gargassan. 

Hazel de Boise

(Keen de Gargassan by Ali Mabrouk x Vaguely Noble), born 2007

  • 2x Scottsdale Reining Futurity Finalist
  • Scottsdale Non Pro Derby Champion
  • 2x Scottsdale Intermediate Non Pro Derby Champion
  • Champion Scottsdale Limited Non Pro Derby Champion


"A lot of horses have come and gone throughout my lifetime. There are a few that really leave a mark and this little mare is one of them. 

There is so much heart, try and kindness wrapped up in one little bay Arabian." says Nicole Kent, rider of Hazel 



Domaine de Gargassan

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